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Basketball Court Dimensions

Basketball Court Dimensions

The Internet’s Most Detailed Study of Basketball Court Dimensions
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Basketball Court Dimensions

Length of a basketball court

94 feet (1128 inches)
Note: Many high school and college courts are 84 feet.

Width of a basketball court

50 feet (600 inches)

Size of a basketball backboard

Width: 6 feet (72 inches)
Height: 3.5 feet (42 inches)

Size of a basketball rim

The diameter of the rim is 18 inches
The top of the rim should be exactly 10 feet (120 inches) off the ground

Distance from the backboard to the back of the rim

6 inches
Note: In other words, the front of the rim is 24 inches from the backboard (18 inches of which is the rim, and the other 6 inches the flat metal piece connecting the rim to backboard)

Distance from the free throw line to the backboard

15 feet (180 inches) from the backboard
Note: Due to the fact that the rim protrudes forward from the backboard, the actual distance from the free throw line to the front of the rim is just 13 feet (not including the elevation factor)

Size of the key

19 feet (228 inches) from the baseline out of bounds line to the free throw line
12 feet (144 inches) in width, across the lane

The basketball 3 point line

It’s important to note that the 3 point arc is not the same distance from the center of the rim at all spots. This results from the fact that on the baseline, the 3 point arc begins with a straight line, before starting its curve. Once the curve begins, the distance stays consistent all the way around the arc.

For the college and high school 3 point arc, there is a straight line of 5.25 feet (63 inches) that runs until the arc begins. For the NBA 3 point line, there is a straight line of just over 14 feet (approximately 169 inches) before the 3 point arc begins.

Once the 3 point arc begins, the college and high school 3 point arc is 19.75 feet (19 feet 9 inches, or 237 inches).

The NBA distance is 23.75 feet (23 feet, 9 inches, or 285 inches). However, on the baselines, with a line drawn directly from the center of the rim to the sideline, the NBA distance is 22 feet (264 inches).

The markings around the key

The blocks are exactly 12 inches in width, and 8 inches deep. The other three tabs on each side of the lane are two inches in width, and 8 inches deep. The distance between the baseline and the block is exactly 7 feet. The distance from the end of the block to the first line is 3 feet. Each additional line is another 3 feet (36 inches) away from the end of the previous line. However, with each line being 2 inches in width, the distance from the beginning of the first block to the beginning of the following line block is 38 inches.

The circle above the key

The radius of the half circle above the key is 6 feet (72 inches). The diameter is obviously equal to the width of the key (or the length of the free throw line), 12 feet (144 inches).

The NBA charge line

The new NBA charge line (in the NBA, players must be outside this arc to take a charge) has a radius of 4 feet (48 inches). The radius’ origin is directly under the center of the rim. The arc stops at a point even with the center of the rim.

The preceding information a basketball court layout was brought to you by Better Basketball’s page detailing the perfect basketball court measurement. Please click here for the Better Basketball home page.

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