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Better Basketball FAQ

What videos does Better Basketball produce? Can I watch previews of the videos?

Better Basketball produce two things:

  1. The highly respected Better Basketball videos for player improvement, perhaps the finest videos in the sport to help players improve. These seven DVDs can be purchased individually, or as a set at a discounted price. The seven DVD are: Better 1-on-1 Offense, Better Shooting 2, Better Ball Handling, Better 1-on-1 Defense, Better Passing, Better Post Play, Scoring Without the Ball.
  2. The Read and React Offensive System, which is only available as a 6-DVD set. This unique offensive system is being called “groundbreaking” or “revolutionary” by coaches from all levels.

To learn about either the seven player development DVDs, or the Read and React Offense, this website offers a free preview of each DVD, as well as very detailed written information about each video. To view the free previews or read about the DVDs, use the dropdown menus located above this text, titled “VIDEOS/DVDS.”

What makes the Better Basketball videos special? Will they really help me improve?

The Better Basketball videos are often considered the best improvement tools in basketball, particularly by those that usually know best – coaches. The videos are easy to understand, yet extremely detailed with a logical learning progression. Each video is well produced, starting with the absolute basics before moving onto very advanced techniques.

If you carefully watch the Better Basketball DVDs, and then you put in the sweat to make the techniques a part of your game, you are absolutely going to improve.

How can I order?

Three ways:

  1. The easiest way to order is to order online with your credit or debit card, using our shopping cart. Click here to shop.
  2. Using your credit or debit card, you can call us at 1-800-BETTER-B (404-371-9017). We are happy to take your order by phone.
  3. You can also order by mail. Please see the next question for details.

What If I don’t have a credit card?

Not a problem, people pay every day by sending in payment through the mail. Please click here for our mail-order page.

Once I order, how long will it take for the DVDs to arrive?

It depends on the time of shipping you prefer. If you’re in the USA, regular mail takes about 5-14 days, depending on your distance from our offices in Atlanta. Priority mail, which costs $3.99 extra, takes 2-4 days. If you’re outside the USA, shipping can be 7-21 days, depending on your distance from the United States, the time of year, and simply how fast the mail is, which often is unpredictable with international shipping. In addition, if you need overnight delivery through UPS, please give us a call to process the order at 1-800-Better-B. This is quite expensive, but we can offer it.

What service do you use to ship the videos?

We ship using the postal service, and we pay a little extra for a delivery confirmation number so you can track your package.

I live outside the USA. Can I order?

Yes. In fact, we have customers in 99 countries all over the world. If you want to order, we will get the videos shipped to your door! (And if you know someone in Nepal, Tanzania, Panama, or any of the other places we don’t yet have customers, please tell them to order. We want to get to 100!)

What should I do if my package does not arrive?

After waiting the allotted amount of time that corresponds to your shipping method, please call or email us. We should have a tracking number for your package, and should be able to determine why it hasn’t arrived. Regardless of the reason, we will ensure you get the videos you pay for.

I still have questions. How can I contact Better Basketball?

Please click here for our Contact Us page. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Better Shooting

    Over 35,000 Copies Sold!
    Better Shooting
  • Testimonials

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    • ‘Rick’s attention to detail, knowledge of the game, and his encouragement played an important part in my son earning a scholarship to Kansas State University.’

      Laird Canby

    • ‘I just have to tell you, I love the Read & React. One layer was enough to raise offensive performance of the 7th graders I coach to a new level.’

      Christopher S. Ciaccio

    • ‘I just wanted to give you guys a lot of praise. Since getting your DVDs, my scoring increased from 4.5 a game to 22.7 a game!!’

      Kenny Robinson

    • ‘If you’re looking to develop an NBA caliber game, the Better Basketball DVDs are your answer!’

      Rodney Heard
      Director of Scouting for the Atlanta Hawks.

    • ‘What makes Coach Torbett so special is his ability to communicate. He keeps it simple. He changed my life as a basketball player’

      Bryant ‘XAN’ Stevenson

    • ‘I have tried a lot of training DVDs, but Coach Torbett breaks things down to the point of no failure. I went from averaging 10 pts a game to 20 pts per game.’

      Scott Bergner

    • ‘The Read & React System is the best tool for teaching kids not only how to play individually (habits) but also how to play together.’

      Coach John Wiley, Redmond WA

    • ‘Coach Torbett teaches the skills of the game in such a precise way, that even guys in my league can learn a lot from him.’

      Chauncey Billups
      5 Time NBA All Star

    • ‘The techniques on Better Shooting are awesome. I’ve used Rick Torbett’s shooting system for years because it works.’

      Ricky Radford
      National Champion AAU Coach

    • ‘I love the instructional DVDs. I played in HS and college, and thought I knew a lot, but I have never seen the game broken down before so completely and so simply.’

      Christopher Ciaccio

    • ‘Read & React takes the hap-hazzard bits and pieces I’ve been doing for 20 years and puts them into simple, understandable terms.’

      Coach Cameron Bruce

    • ‘The fact is, your R&R Offense is everything you said it would be – and then some! You’ve done it Rick!’

      Greg Coates

    • ‘The Read & React is everything I’ve been trying to teach for the past 7 years with the correct principles to make it happen. I’m now a R&R junkie.’

      John Loveless

  • Worldwide Sales

    Sold in 99 countries worldwide!
    Sold in 99 countries worldwide!