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Better Post Play


  • Better Post Play starts with the fundamentals of playing in the post, then builds to advanced techniques.
  •  Four chapters on scoring in the post.
  • Two chapters solely on how to get open.
  • Details the mentality needed to excel on the block.
  • 2 hours, 41 minutes in length.
  • Bonus sections with Jermaine O’Neal and Tamika Catchings.

The Definitive DVD on Playing Inside – Key Facts

  • Better Post Play is the most comprehensive and detailed collection of post techniques ever assembled.
  • You’ll not only get the fundamentals of playing inside, but also four chapters on scoring, the mentality of a great post player, even two chapters devoted to just getting open.
  • 61 minutes from NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal. Intelligent, articulate, and a student of the game, Jermaine dives into incredible detail on playing inside, and also explains his off season training secrets, how he dominates the defensive end, the boards, and much more!
  • 37 minutes from the leading vote getter for the 2006 WNBA All-Star game, Tamika Catchings. She discusses playing inside, her three favorite moves, dealing with the stresses of professional basketball, even what it takes to make the pros!

2 hours, 41 minutes! – What’s on the DVD?

  • Better Post Play explains all the fundamentals and basics of post play, and then dives into unmatched, advanced detail.
  • The video contains 10 chapters, plus the sections by Jermaine and Tamika.
  • Thanks to eye popping graphics, demonstrations by over 30 players, and footage from five different locations, the video is not just a great improvement tool, it’s fun to watch.
  • Like all the Better Basketball videos, Better Post Play was written, filmed, and edited over nearly a year with the goal of helping players who have a true desire to do whatever it takes to take their game to the next level.

The Introduction

Better Post Play begins with an inspiring introduction that also explains how the video is organized and how a player should use the video to develop his or her post game.

4 minutes, 59 seconds

Chapter 1 – Post Philosophy

Before you learn precise techniques to get open and score, you must develop the heart and the mindset of a winning post player. Post Philosophy gives thoughts and principles to help you develop the intangibles that successful post players possess.

Perhaps the most important of the seven principles in Post Philosophy is titled Keep It Simple. Better Post Play contains dozens of moves, not to mention their countermoves. But you don’t need to master every single move in the video to be successful. You just need to determine what’s going to best fit you and your team’s style of play, and work on that.

3 minutes, 14 seconds

Chapter 2 – Fundamentals

Most of chapter two is geared toward younger players still learning the post game’s basic fundamentals. For example, younger players must learn to go up strong and seek contact. They must learn the power shot, and how to shoot with the non-contact arm. They must consistently win both the arm battle and the foot battle not only to get open, but to look open, and then they must be able to hold that seal. Finally, they must be able to receive the ball with either one hand or two hands, chin it, and read the situation. These techniques (and more) are the Fundamentals of post play.

But the chapter also gets extremely advanced a few times. For example, Coach Torbett explains how to win the arm battle by controlling your defender’s arm with a bicep clamp, a powerful move that many officials will let you get away with.

9 minutes, 36 seconds

Chapter 3 – Getting Open vs Zones

If you can’t get open, all your moves to score WITH the ball are useless. So chapters 3 and 4 dive into getting open against zone defenses and man to man defenses, respectively.

Sections in chapter 3 include Screen the Center, Work the Seams, Attack from Behind, and Cut Early or Cut Late.

By the way, the Better Basketball videos are not only great fundamental improvement tools, they’re also fun to watch. So we asked some of the best ballers in Atlanta, on Atlanta’s premier streetball court, to demonstrate techniques for Better Basketball. And nope, you’re not hallucinating, the guys played some zone defense, and they played it well!

3 minutes, 53 seconds

Chapter 4 – Getting Open vs Man to Man

Chapter 4 contains techniques that all post players must master, movements that you must be able to use instinctively when the defense plays you a specific way. A few examples are the Cheat Step, the Swim, the Reverse Pivot, and the Leg Whip.

The moves used to get open in this chapter are based on combinations of the following:

  • (1) Where you want to receive the ball,
  • (2) Where you’re located in relationship to the ball,
  • (3) The position of your defender.

The combinations in this chapter alone account for 22 moves to get open! And by the way, these moves are not counted in Chapter 10, which runs through only the moves to score (not to get open)!

9 minutes, 16 seconds

Chapter 5 – Scoring Before You Get the Ball

Coach Torbett states at the very beginning of the chapter, “When watching the pros on TV, many times the post player simply catches and dunks, and most spectators think, ‘nice dunk, but he didn’t do anything special.’

Coach continues… ‘Sometimes that’s the case, but usually it’s not. A lot of good basketball went on before the pass was made. In other words, the post player’s MOVES WERE MADE BEFORE he got the ball.”

Chapter 5 contains these hidden moves – The battle that most spectators miss, but the fraternity of great post players know all too well. In fact, the defender’s own position is often used to beat him.

5 minutes, 49 seconds

Chapter 6 – The Airtime Advantage

Chapter six contains a series of moves that revolve around drop stepping while the ball is in the air. You’ll use these moves when a defender plays you to one side or the other. The chapter goes into great detail on what is basically one nearly unstoppable move. This detail includes the move’s footwork, counter-moves, even using the move from different spots on the court.

Also included in this chapter is a step-by-step breakdown of how to execute the Up and Under, a favorite counter-move for many tough post players.

5 minutes, 10 seconds

Chapter 7 – Back to the Basket

Back to the basket moves are often considered the most traditional form of post play, but scoring with your back to the basket may be the toughest way to put up points because you don’t start with any real advantage on your defender. So Coach Torbett explains a number of effective moves and counter moves, and goes into great detail on each of them.

The chapter is basically divided into four sections – the Spin n Go, the Step-Pound-Hop, the Step-Pound Pivot, and the Front Pivot.

The key to many of these moves is to be able to read your defender. And if he stops your initial move, you must have a counter. Most of the counters to Back to the Basket moves have been taught already at various points in the video, such as the Up and Under in chapter 6 and the Baby Hook in chapter 2.

7 minutes, 9 seconds

Chapter 8 – The Pro Stance

In the pros, many players have mastered the moves in chapters 5 and 6. So defenders simply stay behind the post player and focus on pushing them as far away from the basket as possible. That’s why you see this type of play so often in the pros, and it’s why we therefore call it the Pro Stance.

In this entertaining chapter, Coach Torbett first explains why learning the pro stance is so advantageous. He then details how to receive the ball along with other Pro Stance fundamentals.

Finally, the chapter shows 16 pro stance moves and countermoves. These are based not only on your defender’s position but also on the help defense. After all, you might have to beat a helping defender in addition to your own, and Better Basketball wants to prepare you for ALL situations!

4 minutes, 17 seconds

Chapter 9 – The Extremes: Short Corner and High Post

In this unique chapter, we focus on two areas that require slightly different reads and moves than normal post play, the Short Corner and the High Post.

You’re most likely to get the ball in the short corner when a player penetrates and dishes to you, or when you’re attacking a zone from behind. And of course there are a number of times when you’ll attack from the high post; it may even be a set in your coach’s offensive system. The bottom line is that best players can make a play from any position, and that’s what Better Basketball will help you become – the best player you can be!

4 minutes, 23 seconds

Chapter 10 – Just the Moves, One After Another

The video’s last chapter contains no speaking, just music by the Hutton Experience and every scoring move in the video (not the moves from chapters 3 and 4 to get open, and not all the fundamentals in chapter 2). It’s a fun chapter to watch, and imagine your scoring repertoire if you master all 66 post moves!

3 minutes, 57 seconds

Introduction, Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In addition to the video’s ten chapters and the sections by Jermaine O’Neal and Tamika Catchings, the tape ends with a short and motivating section called Wrapping It Up. The total running time of Better Post Play is an incredible 2 hours, 41 minutes, making it a video that you’ll study for years.

This video demands a new level for what a sports instructional video should be. The DVD is incredibly detailed, professionally made, features over 2 and a half hours of techniques without wasting any time, and is packed with so much content that players will watch it over and over. It furthers the proud tradition set by Better Basketball’s first four videos: Better Shooting, Better Ball Handling, Better 1 on 1 Defense, and Better Passing, and set a mark surpassed only by Better Basketball’s two newest videos, Better 1 on 1 Offense and Scoring Without the Ball!

Bonus Section – Jermaine O’Neal and Tamika Catchings

What separates the average pro from those that dominate the game? What makes Jermaine and Tamika special?

  • (1) Heart
  • (2) Hard Work
  • (3) Knowing the Game

In their bonus sections, Jermaine and Tamika explain all of their favorite moves, how they train in the off-season, how they prepare for games, what motivates them, and so much more.

And both players go into great detail about their post game, expanding on basically every series of moves that Coach Torbett teaches. The bonus sections are a great tool, one that all players will benefit from, regardless of their skill level!

Tamika Catchings – 37 minutes, 1 second

Jermaine O’Neal – 61 minutes, 41 seconds

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