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Better Shooting


  • Build your shot from footwork up to the finishing stroke with complete sections on shot construction and fixing common mistakes.
  • Bonus section with JJ Redick.
  • Includes a chapter on unconventional shots - the bank shot, lay-ups, and long distance shooting.
  • 3 hours and 36 minutes.
  • A training regimen and chart are included with the DVD geared to take the guesswork out of shot development.


The Ultimate Shooting Improvement Video – Key Facts

  • Better Shooting will build a player’s entire shot, from footwork to the finishing stroke.
  • This is the only instructional video released by JJ Redick, the best shooter in college basketball history. Learn JJ’s shooting secrets in his 47-minute bonus section. Plus, he demonstrates throughout the DVD, along with many others.
  • The lead instructor is Rick Torbett. Toward the end of his 25 years in coaching, Torbett’s teams shot over 40% from the 3 in 3 consecutive seasons (a feat never accomplished by an American pro team), proving his techniques will work for all players in real games!
  • Better Basketball’s original shooting video remains the ONLY basketball enhancement product ever endorsed by SLAM, the world’s largest basketball magazine. This version is even better!

3 Hours & 36 Minutes! – What’s On the DVD?

  • Incredibly detailed yet clearly explained techniques. All the basics for kids, and advanced concepts for high-level players & coaches. It took over a year to make, there better be a lot!
  • A training regimen and chart are included with the DVD, geared to take the guesswork out of shot development.
  • Footage from men’s and women’s international pro hoops is used to illustrate the video’s techniques.
  • An entire chapter dedicated to women, including an interview with WNBA star Shay Doron.
  • The DVD contains professional filmmaking and detailed, precise graphics. They will facilitate your ability to easily learn the techniques, and make Better Shooting enjoyable to watch.

About the Video

  • The DVD is divided into six “Sections.” Each Section contains between one and four “Chapters.” This comprehensive analysis of the video allows you to be sure you’re getting a product of unparalleled quality, and top-notch content.
  • This is the most detailed study of shooting on the market, and anyone who wants to improve his or her shot will not find a better tool. Take these techniques, put in the sweat, and your result will be a better shot in real games!

Section A – Prerequisites for Training

In the first secret, entitled “PRACTICE: 8 Secrets to Real Training”, lead instructor Rick Torbett let’s you know that there’ll be no sugar-coating regarding what it takes to become a great shooter. To get there, you must engage in real training. Actually, “Realistic” training is the best way to put it. If you want to improve your shot, then you’ll have to put these secrets into practice.

Most of the Better Basketball videos are nothing but hardcore basketball techniques. But it’s essential to remember that in addition to proper technique, hard work from you is essential to see real improvement. This graphic visually details this concept. You can learn all the content presented throughout this video, but if you don’t make the time to put that knowledge into practice and burn those methods into your shot, then you will never reach your goals. Better Basketball can give you the techniques, you have to put them into your game.

The second secret in Section A, “The Best Kept Secret to Shot Training”, will show you how to get rid of those nasty bad habits that will slow down significant improvement. This method isn’t theory! You’ll even hear a couple of examples of how real players used this method to replace poor shooting techniques with good habits that led them to success. What’s the secret? Get Better Shooting, and find out.

Attention to detail is a vital component for an instructional video to be effective. Better Basketball emphasizes teaching points with graphics almost constantly on screen. Here, we see two of them. When analyzing your own follow through, look for these key features: a straight shooting arm finishing high enough that fingertips are above the top of the square, and a guide hand whose fingers have not interfered with the flight of the ball.

“The Best Kept Secret to Mental Training” is the third secret in Section A. Shooting involves muscle memory that must be trained into your physical body. The gateway to the body is the mind and in order to train your body, you must start by training your mind. Have you noticed how the word “Training” keeps creeping in to these titles? That’s because knowledge in itself is not enough. You’ll see this Section A’s themes recurring throughout the video. That’s why it was placed first.

Throughout the video, you will experience times when Coach Rick Torbett is speaking directly to you. Key words and phrases often appear on screen with him, allowing you to process his lessons both audibly and visually. You are learning directly from a coach who is unmatched in his ability to take complicated theory and break it down into easily understandable pieces. This allows you to easily put some advanced shooting science right into your game.

Section B – Shooting Technique

Chapter 1 – How to Build Your Shot, Step by Step

The title says it all. The DVD’s first chapter is HOW to build your shot form, step by step, without any explanations, without any why. We skipped the why (for now) because this is a chapter that you may be revisiting time and time again, so we wanted to keep it short for you. All of the detailed rationale is spelled out and explained in Chapter 3!

This chapter contains all of the steps for development: the stance needed to recruit power from your legs; hand position on the ball before, during, and even following the shot; and how everything works together to start, stroke, and guide the ball along your shotline to the center of the goal.

Want to know how to “ride your power wave?” Find out in chapter 1. This technique is why even young kids of 8 or 9 should be able to shoot from deep, by riding their power wave.

11 minutes, 27 seconds

Everyone’s body is a little different, but the fundamental shooting mechanics remain constant. Here, three players of different genders, ages, and body types are used to demonstrate the proper alignment of the shot pocket, an essential aspect to a great shot. Each player shows slight variations in their knees, but the shot pocket is exactly the same. Also, notice the green screen effect on the top, pointing nothing but the learning point. Better Basketball does whatever it takes to make the perfect video, in this case showing four different clips at once, and using a green screen digital effect.

JJ Redick demonstrates techniques throughout Better Shooting. Whose shooting form could be better to learn from than the NCAA career record holder for 3-pointers made! In this still, we see the various functions of JJ’s guide hand as it progresses through the shot motion, from picking up the dribble up through the finishing stroke. Notice that a variety of angles and graphics are used to make the techniques not only easy to see, but easy to understand. Better Basketball’s attention to detail is second to none.

Chapter 2 – How to Build Your Footwork, Step by Step

Chapter 2, which is on building footwork, picks up where Chapter 1 leaves off. In fact, chapters one and two are simply two halves of the whole shot development sequence.

This chapter will prepare your feet for the game movements that lead you into every shot. This video is not built to make you a great HORSE shooter, it’s built to make you a great shooter in REAL GAMES, whether you’re shooting off the dribble, catching and shooting, or shooting from triple threat.

You’ll learn the 10 specific foot movements by watching JJ Redick perform each one. Then you’ll see an example of each movement in real games by men and women professional players from all over the globe.

10 minutes, 58 seconds

Not all shot training requires a basket. In fact, sometimes a hoop can prevent you from focusing on the specific technique you should be drilling. Here, two young players work on their shooting footwork, without having to worry about whether or not the shot goes in, allowing them to focus on their footwork. Plus, they can get in an exponentially greater number of repetitions because they don’t have to chase down an errant rebound. Stuck at home without a basket? This video has several tips for training in a goal-less environment!

OK, you already know that JJ Redick displays his talents throughout the video. But we haven’t mentioned that the NBA’s Chicago Bulls’ 2006 and 2007 leading scorer, Ben Gordon, has a number of demonstration cameos as well! Here, you can see JJ Redick and Ben Gordon side by side. Again, timely graphics clearly illustrate the methods. When should the two-foot hop be used instead of the one-two? Buy the video to find out.

Chapter 3 – Defending the Pivot on the Perimeter

If you want to know the exact why for each and every aspect of the in Chapter 1, then the explanations are here, in chapter 3.

But chapter 3 goes beyond simply satisfying your curiosity for details. Sometimes you need to hear an aspect of your shot development said in a different way or illustrated in another manner before it really sinks in. Understanding why you do what you do is the first step towards breaking unsuccessful habits and replacing them with the techniques that will lead you to the next level.

It’s a long, but absolutely necessary chapter. It will serve you well to truly understand what a great shot really is, and the result will be a fulfilling journey to developing a great shot for yourself.

26 minutes, 33 seconds

In this geometrically favorable clip, entertaining graphics and some basic mathematical principles are used to show why the classic “thumb flip” can inhibit a maximum shooting percentage. This player’s shooting hand must compensate for the force of her guide thumb by applying an opposite force on the ball. Two opposing forces are very difficult to get balanced, and will not allow this player to reach her highest possible shooting percentage. By detailing every bad habit, Better Shooting not only helps players identify problems, but teaches them the adjustments they need to fix them as well.

This graphic is used to demonstrate the actual size of a standard rim. Did you know that two official sized men’s basketballs can fit through the rim almost simultaneously?! What does this imply for a shooter? You can miss the center of the goal by as much as 6 inches in any direction and still get a make! Learn many more shooting secrets like this throughout Better Shooting.

Section C: Specific Training

Chapter 4 – Training Introduction

Chapter 4 introduces chapters 5, 6, and 7. It explains WHY these chapters have been included.

Helping you to understand the benefit of these chapters is so important, we needed to make it a chapter of its own.

2 minutes, 24 seconds

In this chapter, Coach Torbett cuts through any “sugar coated” ideas behind real shot training, explaining that nothing less than repetition and dedication can take the principles explained in the previous three chapters and burn them into your shootingt form. In this clip, he uses piercing words to emphasize the importance of disciplined practice.

Chapter 5 – Training Your Shooting Stroke

Chapter 5 addresses the final touch that you’ll put on the ball at the end of the shot motion, the shooter’s stroke.

Even if everything else in a player’s shot is correct, if he or she has a bad stroke, they’re going to be a bad shooter. On the other hand, regardless of differences in footwork, how high they jump, or almost any other factor, all great shooters have a great touch at the end of their shot motion.

In addition to explaining the technique, multiple drills designed to build and refine the shooting stroke are included. You’ll learn how to drill it by yourself, standing up, lying down, even in a chair!

5 minutes, 37 seconds

Better Shooting incorporates footage from Euroleague Basketball, perhaps the highest level of professional basketball. You’ll see the video’s techniques performed by some of the most fundamentally sound professionals playing today. You’ll you know the methods work not only in the practice gym, not only at the youth level, not only at the college level, but even in professional basketball.

The rest of your form could be perfect, but if you don’t have what’s known as a “shooter’s touch”, then you’ll never reach the status of a great shooter. In this clip, three drills specifically designed to refine the shooting stroke are shown concurrently. Why is the stroke so important? What can you do to earn the touch owned by all great shooters? Over 3 hours in length, Better Shooting answers those questions and many more.

Chapter 6 – Training Your Shot Line

Chapter 6 will teach you to train both your all important shot line, and your overall form, without the use of a goal. Because, in some situations, training your shot form on the basket is not the best thing to do. It’s so easy to get so caught up with making the ball go in, that you forget what you’re working on.

The solution for this problem requires moving away from the basket and getting on a line. This is one of the best ways to focus solely on training the ball to stay on your shot line. You can get in a high amount of reps in a short period of time since you won’t be chasing the ball all over the court.

You’ll also see two young players drill every aspect of shot development from chapters one and two by using a line on the floor, instead of a basket!

10 minutes, 13 seconds

Here is a fine example of what separates the Better Basketball DVDs. In this still, three players are determining which of their eyes is dominant, and how that will affect their shot line. Of course, the video addresses the basics of shooting, but then it takes shot development to a new level, sparing no detail in order to give you every possible advantage. Why is it an advantage to know which of your eyes is dominant? Buy Better Shooting to find out.

Better Basketball spends about a year (this video took 13 months) to produce each of its world renowned DVDs. This may not be the most economical way to make instructional videos, but it’s the best way, and the only way to teach all the techniques properly. Here, a player demonstrates line training. If you can train yourself to keep the ball straight enough to hit a two-inch target, you can easily put the ball through the 18-inch rim!

Chapter 7 – Training the Eyes of a Shooter

Chapter 7 is a unique chapter, especially when you consider all of the possible shooting drills that are out there. Shooting a basketball has always been, and always will be, the ultimate test of eye-hand coordination. There are hundred of drills to develop the hands, but where are all the drills to develop your eyes!

Part of the reason there are not many drills for your eyes is how complicated the eyes are. For example, in the video, Coach Torbett notes that in Byte Computer Magazine, Dr. John Stevens states that it would take the Cray super-computer a minimum of 100 years to simulate what takes place in your eye many times every single second!

Well, Better Basketball has drills that will improve your eyes. In the still to the right, WNBA player Shay Doron demonstrates one that is guaranteed to challenge you, and increase your accuracy at the same time.

4 minutes, 05 seconds

Since shooting requires excellent hand-eye coordination, it is not enough to simply train your hands to shoot properly; you must also train your eyes. A shooter can only hit what he or she can see and perfect form does not amount to much if you are aiming at the wrong target. Again, paying attention to this level of detail gives you a significant advantage over any shooter who refuses to address shooting’s subtleties.

As noted to the left, this still shows Shay putting into practice the eye training methods on Better Shooting. Better Basketball always shows you both the theory of a technique, the correct training for that technique, and that technique being applied in games. You are never left to guess how to burn a technique into your muscle memory or how a technique applies in real game situations.

Section D: What About…?

Chapter 8 – The Women’s Chapter

Chapter 8 is Better Basketball’s answer to the question “WHAT ABOUT OUR FEMALE PLAYERS?”

Shooting technique and training is no different for females than it is for males. At least, it shouldn’t be! However, since there seems to be a perception from many people that there is a difference, and since women are seen making different kinds of errors in their shooting form than males, Better Shooting has a chapter dedicated solely to female players.

You’ll learn the origins of these errors and what can be done to correct them. But we don’t stop there. Like the rest of the video, we’ll show how making these adjustments benefits females in every shooting situation!

8 minutes, 25 seconds

Often times, Coach Torbett will explain the details of a technique on one side of the screen, while footage is being shown on the other side. In this instance, he describes a problem most often found in women shooters. By seeing the footage, Coach Torbett, and key points simultaneously, you will find it much easier to understand and retain the points that are being presented.

Side by side comparisons makes identifying shot form flaws easier. In this still, the player on the right has moved her shot pocket both up, and out. Now, the ball is in front of her face, causing several concerns: her vision is obstructed by the ball, her defender knows that she cannot pass or dribble quickly out of this position, but perhaps most importantly, by moving her shooting arm out of alignment with the rest of her body, she is unable to ride the power wave and have a quick shot with potential for deep range.

Chapter 9 – What About These Shots?

When shooting is the subject, many think only of the jumpshot and the free throw. What else is there?

What about the bank shot, the tricky 5-foot pull-up, long distance shooting, shooting in the post, and lay-ups?

These types of shots must be included when shooting is being taught, so chapter nine breaks down the adjustments that are needed to round out your shooting skills in these areas, thereby making you a complete shooter.

9 minutes, 46 seconds

In this clip, we see a pro from a ULEB game using the glass for a bank shot. For bank shots, your form should stay the same, but your target of course changes. But two questions still remain: (1) From what angles should you use the glass? And, (2) How far away should you be, at a maximum, to use the bank shot?

You just saw the use of Men’s Euroleague professional games to illustrate techniques. Better Basketball also utilizes footage from the highest levels of women’s International play to demonstrate key points and techniques! This still, from Asia, is taken from the section on lay-ups. In real games, lay-ups are not as simple as they are in warm-up lines. You must be able to go off either foot, use either hand, reverse or straight on, for a total of 32 possible combinations! Better Basketball explains Pro-Fun-Lay-Ups!

Section E: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Chapter 10 – Shot Training for the Serious

Until now, the only way you could get the contents of this chapter would be to train privately with lead instructor Rick Torbett. This is HOW everything from chapter one and chapter two is trained into your body and developed into your shooting habits. This is where you’ll pay the price that must be paid to become a great shooter.

A very unique Shot Development Chart, emphasizing 20 specific shooting points (ten on form, ten on footwork), will be included with your video. Using it, you’ll follow a proven, tried and true workout that will improve your shooting forever. Your daily, written log will keep you on track, keep you accountable, and encourage you to stay on course until your goals are realized. And after 20 workouts, you’ll discover a unique way this chart can even help you get out of a slump – while you’re playing in a real game!

11 minutes, 06 seconds

Here, three players are shown working on the 12th step of the chart. The step back, step up square movement mimics those game situations when you are catching a pass while stepping into your shot. In this clip, the step back is with the left foot, meaning the right foot has been established as the pivot. Just like you must be able to shoot from all spots on the court, you must master the footwork from all positions as well – this means shooting off a pass from any direction, while using either foot as a pivot.

This still is an enlargement of the training insert which accompanies the video. Rick Torbett has provided you with a proven regimen designed to improve your accuracy, efficiency, and versatility as a shooter. The insert makes it easy to keep track of your progress, shooting strengths and weaknesses, and serves as motivation to continue moving forward. Better Basketball can provide you with the techniques and the tools to take your game to another level, but you must be willing to put in the sweat and repetition. If you really want to be a great shooter, buy Better Shooting, put in the hard work, and score more points!

Chapter 11 and Chapter 12

Introduction, Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In addition to its five Sections and JJ Redick Bonus Section, Better Shooting contains a brief introduction and a 5-minute conclusion, rounding out the 3 hours and 36 minutes of running time. Plus, an incredible TEN interactive menus on the DVD version make navigation easy. With the click of a button, you can quickly review those sections most applicable to your improvement (and with a DVD this detailed, we know you will).

The purpose of this video is to explain, inspire, demonstrate and illustrate how you can develop a shot that has minimum parts, maximum efficiency, and can be easily applied to all the types of shots used in real game situations. We’ve used every possible teaching tool to achieve that goal. We’ve used middle school, high school, college, and pro players, of both genders, in order to show that these shooting skills can be performed by anyone, at any age, with any body type. Professional men’s and women’s game footage is even employed to illustrate the basketball shooting concepts. And not only does the video teach the physical aspects of shot development, but we delve into the mind of what it takes to be a great shooter, including picking the brain of JJ Redick. And finally, you’ll even learn how to train with the new training chapter and chart (chapter 10).

If you can shoot a high percentage, you can play at any level. Then, if you can add the techniques from Better Ball Handling, Better 1-on-1 Offense, and Better Post Play, you will become an unstoppable threat with the ball. Add the skills on Better Passing, Better 1 on 1 Defense, and Scoring Without the Ball, and you will become a complete player. With the Better Basketball DVD Collection, we have given you the tools to succeed in basketball! Now, it’s up to you to add dedication, discipline, and sweat to become a better basketball player!


Throughout his college career, JJ Redick showed the world that he is perhaps the best shooter to ever play the game. This includes his unique ability to get his shot off despite being the key of every defensive gameplan. The result is a player with some amazing accomplishments. Just a sampling of JJ’s high points are as follows:

  • NCAA Career Leader for 3-Pointers Made: 457
  • Second in NCAA History with a 91.2 Free Throw Percentage
  • A Career 3-Point Percentage of 40.6
  • ACC Career Scoring Leader (until 2009)

Throughout Better Shooting, JJ demonstrates Coach Torbett’s techniques, so you’ll be studying every aspect of his remarkable form. Then, in his bonus section, JJ becomes the instructor, addressing those shooting issues most important to him. In detail, JJ articulately describes:

  • How he would build a young shooter
  • How to get out of a slump
  • Where he aims
  • How to increase range
  • How to control arc
  • His shooter’s mentality, and what he thinks about
  • Getting your shot off against good defense
  • The Hop vs The 1-2
  • His favorite shooting workouts
  • And 8 more ways he’s become a shooting master!

47 minutes, 03 seconds

  • Better Shooting

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    Better Shooting
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    • ‘Rick’s attention to detail, knowledge of the game, and his encouragement played an important part in my son earning a scholarship to Kansas State University.’

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      Christopher S. Ciaccio

    • ‘I just wanted to give you guys a lot of praise. Since getting your DVDs, my scoring increased from 4.5 a game to 22.7 a game!!’

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      Rodney Heard
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      Bryant ‘XAN’ Stevenson

    • ‘I have tried a lot of training DVDs, but Coach Torbett breaks things down to the point of no failure. I went from averaging 10 pts a game to 20 pts per game.’

      Scott Bergner

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      Coach John Wiley, Redmond WA

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      Chauncey Billups
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      Ricky Radford
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      Christopher Ciaccio

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      Coach Cameron Bruce

    • ‘The fact is, your R&R Offense is everything you said it would be – and then some! You’ve done it Rick!’

      Greg Coates

    • ‘The Read & React is everything I’ve been trying to teach for the past 7 years with the correct principles to make it happen. I’m now a R&R junkie.’

      John Loveless

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