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Dynamic Defense Bundle


  • Dynamic Defense is a framework designed to train your players (individually and as a team) through four levels of defensive achievement.
  • Level 1 focuses on 1-on-1 defense: techniques for guarding the ball effectively on the half court and full court.
  • Level 2 teaches how to guard away from the ball in every position including the post.
  • In Level 3 the individual skills of the previous levels are expanded to the team with an emphasis on properly defending situations.
  • Level 4 is the black belt of defense where a player (or team) learns high level rotate and recovery techniques.
  • The series is rounded out with additional sections on Speed, Agility, & Quickness, Rebounding, and Mental Toughness Training.


Dynamic Defense: Levels 1 & 2

dynamic-defense-dvd-1-3d.pngDynamic Defense is a defensive system built upon four levels. The first DVD in that series focuses on Levels 1 and 2 with two notable additions.

First, in an 18 minute interview retired NBA coach Dick Helm explains the big picture (all four layers) of Dynamic Defense and how he used the system for decades in the NBA, especially during his 15 years as an assistant to Hall of Fame coach Lenny Wilkens.

Second, we've added a Level 0 (55 minutes) teaching players how to develop a foundation in movement - that means two sections on Speed, Agility, and Quickness:


Spencer Wood: Learning How to Move + 10 Icebox Athlete Drills

Dustin Ducham: 30 Speed, Agility, and Quickness Drills for Any Level

Rick Torbett rounds out Level 0 with a section on Rebounding, a fundamental skill for ending a defensive possession.

Level 1 (55 minutes) teaches the best techniques for guarding the ball and what exactly that means in both the full court and the half court.

Level 2 (40 minutes) focuses on guarding away from the ball teaching the proper skills to do so in every position including the post.

Whether you're a coach trying to clean up your team defense or a player trying to become more valuable on the court, Dynamic Defense: Levels 1 & 2 is for you. Speed, Agility, & Quickness; Rebounding; 1-on-1 Defense; Help Defense; plus an interview with NBA coach Dick Helm, this DVD will take your defense to the next level.


Dynamic Defense: Levels 3 & 4

dynamic-defense-dvd-2-3.pngThe second DVD expands the single player foundation (started in Levels 1 & 2) to the entire team by introducing Level 3 and Level 4.

We define a situation as an offensive action that attacks two or more defenders simultaneously and engages all five defensive players. There are two primary types of situations: Planned Situations (those that are scouted and practiced) and Surprise Situations (those that rely on a defender's ability to adapt quickly). A Level 3 defender must be able to effectively guard all situations. The Level 3 section teaches you how to do just that.

And, the pinnacle of defense as a player or a team is Level 4. After defending a situation (Level 3), a Level 4 defender must be able to rotate successfully without giving up a basket, make it back to an assigned player (neutralizing mismatches), and help his or her teammates do the same. That's a massive feat that requires mastery of all the previous Levels which is why we consider it the Black Belt of Defense.

Rick Torbett, then, ties those Levels together with a couple of sections on specific application, including how to use Dynamic Defense to improve your Zones.

This DVD also includes an important bonus. Coach Dick Helm (long time assistant to NBA Hall of Fame Coach Lenny Wilkens) drills a high school team that's never seen the system through all four levels in just 41 minutes. You can efficiently integrate Dynamic Defense into your own team's practice right away by following his cues.


Dynamic Defense: Mental Toughness Training

dynamic-defense-mental-toughness-training-3d.pngAcross its four levels Dynamic Defense addresses Speed, Agility, & Quickness; Rebounding; 1-on-1 Defense; Help Defense from any position; Defending Situations; and high level Rotate & Recovery techniques. Retired NBA Coach Dick Helm shows you how to put it in with your own team quickly and easily. And, Rick Torbett even demonstrates how to apply it to zones.

There's more to defense than tactics and technique, however. There's an entire mental component that can take everything taught in the previous two DVDs to another level.

Spencer Wood has two undergraduate degrees, a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from California University, and a PhD (ABD) in psychology with an emphasis in sport psychology. His workshops with championship teams at the US Olympic Training Center, in professional leagues such as the NBA, and with multiple teams in the Big East, Big Ten, ACC, Big Twelve, PAC 12 and SEC Conferences have garnered international media coverage on networks such as NBC and ESPN.

In the final DVD of the Dynamic Defense system, Spencer puts on a course in Mental Toughness Training for Playing Championship Defense. Without a doubt, this DVD becomes the capstone for making Dynamic Defense the most complete and comprehensive curriculum for teaching individual and team defense available today.

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    • ‘Rick’s attention to detail, knowledge of the game, and his encouragement played an important part in my son earning a scholarship to Kansas State University.’

      Laird Canby

    • ‘I just have to tell you, I love the Read & React. One layer was enough to raise offensive performance of the 7th graders I coach to a new level.’

      Christopher S. Ciaccio

    • ‘I just wanted to give you guys a lot of praise. Since getting your DVDs, my scoring increased from 4.5 a game to 22.7 a game!!’

      Kenny Robinson

    • ‘If you’re looking to develop an NBA caliber game, the Better Basketball DVDs are your answer!’

      Rodney Heard
      Director of Scouting for the Atlanta Hawks.

    • ‘What makes Coach Torbett so special is his ability to communicate. He keeps it simple. He changed my life as a basketball player’

      Bryant ‘XAN’ Stevenson

    • ‘I have tried a lot of training DVDs, but Coach Torbett breaks things down to the point of no failure. I went from averaging 10 pts a game to 20 pts per game.’

      Scott Bergner

    • ‘The Read & React System is the best tool for teaching kids not only how to play individually (habits) but also how to play together.’

      Coach John Wiley, Redmond WA

    • ‘Coach Torbett teaches the skills of the game in such a precise way, that even guys in my league can learn a lot from him.’

      Chauncey Billups
      5 Time NBA All Star

    • ‘The techniques on Better Shooting are awesome. I’ve used Rick Torbett’s shooting system for years because it works.’

      Ricky Radford
      National Champion AAU Coach

    • ‘I love the instructional DVDs. I played in HS and college, and thought I knew a lot, but I have never seen the game broken down before so completely and so simply.’

      Christopher Ciaccio

    • ‘Read & React takes the hap-hazzard bits and pieces I’ve been doing for 20 years and puts them into simple, understandable terms.’

      Coach Cameron Bruce

    • ‘The fact is, your R&R Offense is everything you said it would be – and then some! You’ve done it Rick!’

      Greg Coates

    • ‘The Read & React is everything I’ve been trying to teach for the past 7 years with the correct principles to make it happen. I’m now a R&R junkie.’

      John Loveless

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    Sold in 99 countries worldwide!