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Player Development

Player Development is the foundation on which Better Basketball was started. Our videos cover the 7 primary physical skills for offensive success: shooting, passing, post play, ball handling, 1-on-1 offense, scoring without the ball, and free throws

All of the videos are packed with clearly explained fundamentals for young players, and advanced techniques for high-level players and coaches. We even include bonuse sections with Bonus sections with NBA stars like Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups, JJ Redick, and more!

Thanks to our partner, Dr. Spencer Wood, we have also added Mental Toughness Training to the library with his 4-Video set called "The Edge". This video set is the comprehensive solution to your Mental Toughness Training needs, and includes interviews and advice with Doc Rivers, Billy Donovan, Shaka Smart, Amanda Butler, Jay Bilas, and Stan Van Gundy!

Get the EDGE for your game!

Perfect for athletes and coaches looking for the essential mental toughness edge.



The EDGE - Mental Toughness Training VOD DVD Both
Better Shooting VOD DVD Both
Shooting Workouts VOD DVD Both
50-Shot Workouts VOD    
Team Shooting Drills VOD    
Better Free Throws VOD DVD Both
2-Player Read & React Workout VOD    
Better Ball Handling VOD DVD Both
King of the Court: 16 Killer 1-on-1 Games VOD    
Better 1-on-1 Offense VOD DVD Both
Better Post Play VOD DVD Both
Randi Peterson: Rebounding VOD    
Scoring Without the Ball VOD DVD Both
Better Passing VOD DVD Both
Player Development Bundle   DVD  
Summer Workout Bundle   DVD