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Quick Hitters DVD


  • Contains 35 base R&R Entries, plus tons of options from those entries. When all is said and done, with the options, you'll have 110 Quick Hitter Entries.
  • Of those 110, there's at least 30 Entries for every formation - 5 OUT, 4 OUT, 3 OUT so no matter what your formation preference, you'll have plenty of options.
  • Plus, there's 17 Baseline In Bounds Quick Hitters.

Quick Hitters DVD Excerpt

If you are interested in Quick Hitters, but don’t run the Read & React, it’s OK. Quick Hitters are Quick Hitters. You’ll be able to integrate these into any system. However, you may see certain actions following the initial Quick Hitter that you might not understand. That’s because they are designed to feed directly into the continuity of the R&R Offense

If you’re running the Read & React, know that every action of these Quick Hitters is taken directly from the Read & React. Putting in the Offense, you’ve spent a lot of time to engrain the R&R habits into your players. Making them perform an action that is not in the Read & React would hinder and potentially reverse your R&R training, even if it is only a short pattern. These Quick Hitters do not violate any habits previously developed in your R&R training.

So, why have Quick Hitters at all?

  • You might need them as a crutch to initiate your offensive attack when your team is not used to doing it on their own.
  • They might serve the purpose of giving a certain player a certain look during an advantageous time in the game.
  • You might use them as a means to exploit a specific weakness that you spot in your opponent.
  • They can become a way to send a message to your players that this is the sort of action you need to be hunting for against this team.
  • It can be a good teaching method for linking layer-to-layer or action-to-action and increasing the depth of your team’s offensive attack.

  • If want to supplement your team’s Read & React habits with some Quick Hitters, then this is the DVD for you.

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      • ‘Rick’s attention to detail, knowledge of the game, and his encouragement played an important part in my son earning a scholarship to Kansas State University.’

        Laird Canby

      • ‘I just have to tell you, I love the Read & React. One layer was enough to raise offensive performance of the 7th graders I coach to a new level.’

        Christopher S. Ciaccio

      • ‘I just wanted to give you guys a lot of praise. Since getting your DVDs, my scoring increased from 4.5 a game to 22.7 a game!!’

        Kenny Robinson

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        Bryant ‘XAN’ Stevenson

      • ‘I have tried a lot of training DVDs, but Coach Torbett breaks things down to the point of no failure. I went from averaging 10 pts a game to 20 pts per game.’

        Scott Bergner

      • ‘The Read & React System is the best tool for teaching kids not only how to play individually (habits) but also how to play together.’

        Coach John Wiley, Redmond WA

      • ‘Coach Torbett teaches the skills of the game in such a precise way, that even guys in my league can learn a lot from him.’

        Chauncey Billups
        5 Time NBA All Star

      • ‘The techniques on Better Shooting are awesome. I’ve used Rick Torbett’s shooting system for years because it works.’

        Ricky Radford
        National Champion AAU Coach

      • ‘I love the instructional DVDs. I played in HS and college, and thought I knew a lot, but I have never seen the game broken down before so completely and so simply.’

        Christopher Ciaccio

      • ‘Read & React takes the hap-hazzard bits and pieces I’ve been doing for 20 years and puts them into simple, understandable terms.’

        Coach Cameron Bruce

      • ‘The fact is, your R&R Offense is everything you said it would be – and then some! You’ve done it Rick!’

        Greg Coates

      • ‘The Read & React is everything I’ve been trying to teach for the past 7 years with the correct principles to make it happen. I’m now a R&R junkie.’

        John Loveless

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      Sold in 99 countries worldwide!