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Read & React is a completely unique offensive system that goes beyond teaching your team basic offensive plays. An underlying framework teaches your players the strategy behind an offense, Read & React gives them the freedom to play by principle instead of just by play.

The R&R System works even in the earliest levels of youth basketball, building an advanced offensive system that’s effective even as players move toward the most advanced levels of professional ball. It’s effective against both man-on-man and zone defenses, so you’ll never have to switch between two offensive structures again. It also helps build on team strengths as a whole, letting your best players work seamlessly with weaker players, encouraging team play.

What is the Read and React?

With the Read & React Offensive System, you’ll get more than a playbook. You’ll get the only offensive system you’ll ever need, and build a team with a deeper understanding of how to play a brilliant game of basketball.



Read & React Offensive System VOD    
Read & React Boot Camp (5 DVDs) VOD DVD  
Reaction Drills VOD DVD  
Variations VOD DVD  
Quick Hitters VOD DVD  
Zone Offense: A Non-Traditional Solution VOD DVD  
Planning the Read & React Practice (5 DVDs) VOD DVD  
Emmanuel College Practice VOD DVD  
Read & React Tutorials: Using Ball Screens VOD    
90-Minute Youth Practice VOD    
Read & React Expansion Bundle - 2 DVDs
(Quick Hitters, Variations) 
Read & React Practice Bundle - 6 DVDs
(Read & React Practices & Emmanuel College Practice)