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Scoring Without the Ball


  • Explains techniques to increase your basketball IQ and develop the skills most players don’t have.
  • A chapter on how to react properly to your teammate’s dribble penetration.
  • Scoring Without the Ball is 3 hours, 30 minutes long.
  • Shows the skills in live game scenarios by incorporating pro international footage.
  • Bonus sections with perennial All-Star Jason Kidd and Hall-of-Famer Nancy Lieberman.
  • Get an edge on your competition by mastering this often overlooked skill set.

Don’t Just Get Open; Get Open to Score DVD – Key Facts

  • Scoring Without the Ball is the most advanced player improvement video ever produced. The techniques in this video will increase your basketball IQ, and help you develop a set of skills the vast majority of players do not possess.
  • The video explains the basics of moving without the ball for younger players, but much of the DVD is geared toward advanced concepts for high-level players and coaches.
  • Of the video’s seven chapters, the longest (24 minutes) is on how to react to your teammate’s dribble penetration, an essential skill because the drive is the most common offensive act in basketball today. Included in this chapter is an explanation of Circle Movement. (In short, if defenses are taught to rotate and help one direction, offensive players should rotate the opposite direction!)
  • Offense without the ball is an essential skill to becoming a complete player, but is almost totally overlooked in basketball today. This video will give you an edge!

3 hours, 30 minutes! – What’s on the DVD?

  • Sections on every aspect of playing without the ball, including getting open when denied, running the fast break, the give and go, using screens, setting screens, and more.
  • With footage from men’s and women’s international pro ball, sharp graphics, and professional filmmaking, this video will not only enhance your basketball IQ, but is entertaining too!
  • The video contains bonus sections from Hall-of-Famer Nancy Lieberman and future Hall-of-Famer Jason Kidd.
  • Once a player or coach has a grasp on the fundamentals, he or she should watch and study Scoring Without the Ball. The video is the most thorough and groundbreaking study on playing without the ball ever conducted. And with pro footage proving the techniques work in real games, it’s a fact that you’re going to benefit from applying the techniques in this DVD.
  • Men’s and Women’s international game footage is used on Scoring Without the Ball to illustrate the video’s techniques. This means you’re watching professional players and coaches use the exact skills and moves being taught in this DVD.
  • Bottom line: the techniques on the video are used by pros to score points, and they can be used by you to score points.

Chapter 1 – One Pass Away; Get Open and Score

Like all of the chapters in the video, Chapter 1 begins by covering the basics before moving into the groundbreaking techniques for which this video is famous. In chapter 1, Coach talks about getting open when you only have time and space for 3 steps, when there’s enough space to shorten the pass, and when you’re outside the arc, on the arc, or inside the arc. This covers all possible situations.

Then, Coach Torbett takes player development a step further. The second half of the chapter is devoted to transitioning these moves to get open into reading and attacking your recovering (and often out-of-position) defender. There’s 17 moves to get open AND score on your opponent. If that’s not enough, there’s a bonus section on finishing!

14 minutes, 21 seconds

Chapter 2 – Attacking From The Weakside

Chapter 2 addresses what you should do during the 50% of the time that you don’t have the ball: the weakside. This is not simply a time for you to stretch the defense, it’s actually a great place for you to attack. Detailed instruction is given on proper footwork, the open stance or the two foot hop. The advantages for both are explained. But the bulk of the chapter is spent teaching you how to make your technique quicker and more efficient, thereby increasing your points.

Coach Torbett teaches you exactly how to read and attack the recovering defender, how to turn bad skip passes into something good, and when it’s to your advantage to leave the weakside and flash to the ball.

12 minutes, 50 seconds

Chapter 3 – Pass Attack

Too many players have the passive mentality that passing the ball is something to do only when all else fails. But passing the ball can actually create a chance for YOU to score! First, you will learn what’s available when it’s a perimeter-to-perimeter pass. Believe it or not, you can take advantage of what 90% of defensive players are trained to do when this type of pass occurs.

The second half of the chapter is devoted to the reads and moves that occur when you pass the ball inside, to the post. Sometimes your defender stays with you and sometimes he or she double teams the post. What should you do in both situations to maximize your chances of getting the ball back and scoring? You’ll learn just that when you watch the DVD.

9 minutes, 22 seconds

Chapter 4 – Run and Slash

Run, run, run! That’s all a fast break is about, right? Not even close! What about the 5 possible lanes you can fill? When do you cut to the basket? Are you ahead of the ball, behind the ball, or parallel to the ball? When you catch the pass, do you go off the right foot or the left foot for your lay-up? Do you shoot with the left hand or the right hand? Should you take a dribble or not? Shoot on this side or make it a reverse? There’s alot to executing fast breaks to perfection, and answering these questions is what the first half of the chapter covers!

The second half of the chapter is devoted to the slasher and the skills that it takes to become one. Slashers beat defenders while on the move and can beat up to three defenders at a time. What is a slasher? Buy the DVD and find out the drills you can practice to become a SLASHER.

13 minutes, 50 seconds

Chapter 5 – Taking Advantage of Dribble Penetration

For a teammate to drive all the way to the goal, proper spacing from his or her other four teammates is essential. This chapter first teaches you to move out of the way. Second, the chapter goes into great detail teaching you how to move into the position that will give you the highest percentage chance of receiving a pass. Defenders must help on penetrators, and when your defender helps, Coach Torbett will teach you the optimal place to slide and receive the pitch!

In order to know where to slide, you must first recognize which of the five types of drive is being used, each of which are analyzed from the three common offensive sets (5 out, 3 out 2 in, and 4 out 1 in). Where do you slide when you’re located up top, the wing, the corner, or in the post? You will see simple and easy principles that will translate into over 48 slides and movements. Bottom line: you will learn how to slide into the perfect scoring position!

24 minutes, 02 seconds

Chapter 6 – Set a Ballscreen to Score

Karl Malone scored over 36,000 points in the pros, and about half of those started with him setting a screen for a teammate! Karl figured out something good, so you should copy him!

99% of every offense you’ll ever run will have a ballscreen in it at some point. Even people who are only vaguely familiar with basketball know what a pick and roll is; it’s about as old as the game itself. So, you should know every possible way to score from something that occurs so often as the pick and roll.

Chapter 6 breaks it all down, as Coach Torbett uses professional footage to illustrate the reads and counters available to you, the screener. The chapter teaches you how to set the screen, how to properly roll, when to flare, and when to slip the screen. The bottom line: setting a screen on the ball is a great way to get yourself open for a score!

7 minutes, 08 seconds

Chapter 7 – Scoring With Screens Away From The Ball

Chapter 7 could be a video by itself. It’s complex. You must learn to read the situation, your defender, your screener and his/her defender all at the same time. The chapter was saved for last because it will stretch the minds and skills of even the best players. But Coach Torbett simplifies things by clearly explaining the four types of defenders you must read: the hugger, the puppydog, the slider, and the switch. He not only tells you how to read each one, but where to read them as well. Then, he shows you how to apply these reads to the four primary types of screens away from the ball: the downscreen, backscreen, flarescreen, and awayscreen.

Everything is broken down by principle in this 18-minute chapter, so that you understand the big picture. Yes, there are an intimidating sixteen different situations to learn, but you will learn exactly how to react to each one (both as the cutter AND the screener) by principle, making you a smarter player.

18 minutes, 46 seconds

Bonus Section 1 – Hall of Famer and Olympian Nancy Lieberman

Over the last 30 years, Nancy Lieberman has left a mark on basketball that may never be equaled. Among her accomplishments – a 2-time Olympian, two national championships in college, an MVP and a championship as a pro, the first women to ever play in a men’s pro league, a champion head coach at the pro level, an analyst for ESPN, and in 1996, an induction into the Hall-of-Fame.

Her nearly limitless knowledge of basketball, and ability to communicate that knowledge effectively, make her a great addition to the Better Basketball team. On Scoring Without the Ball, she discusses:

  • Managing end game situations as a player
  • Attacking on a fast break from a lane
  • Weakside stance, reads, and rules
  • Controlling the space during a screen
  • And much more

57 minutes, 11 seconds

Bonus Section 2 – Jason Kidd

For the last decade, Jason Kidd has held the title of the best point guard in basketball. His accomplishments include 7 All-Star selections, 5-Time 1st Team All-Defense, 5 Time 1st Team All-NBA, 4th All Time is Assists Per Game, and an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000.

Kidd is known for his ability to distribute the ball to his teammates, so why did we ask him to appear on a video on playing without the ball? The reason is that Coach Torbett covered the subject from the receiver’s perspective. We asked Jason to cover the subject from the passer’s perspective. In other words, what does he want his teammates to do without the ball to get open, and why? The answers are on Scoring Without the Ball, where Jason talks about:

  • Ingredients to being a great point guard
  • How to become a prolific passer
  • Scoring after you pass to the post
  • Turning your weak hand into your strong hand in one summer
  • And much more!

43 minutes, 59 seconds

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